About Anahita

Anahita Sedaghatfar is a Los Angeles attorney whose record of achievement both inside and outside the courtroom is surpassed only by her energy and passion. In a short amount of time, she has worked fervently to climb the ladder and achieve high levels of success– in the courtroom and in her burgeoning career as a news commentator and on-air personality.

Anahita’s rapid ascent as a lawyer, educator and public speaker, inevitably has led to her recent emergence as an increasingly sought after TV news commentator and legal analyst. Combining her sweet personality with her no-nonsense approach to reporting on the issues, Anahita offers a fresh and unique perspective to any debate! Whether she’s preparing a case, speaking at conferences around the country, teaching at Southwestern Law School, or commenting on the latest news on TV, Anahita is an energetic advocate with strong opinions that the public is eager to hear.

TV Reporting & Commentary

After a chance meeting with a well known attorney–who thought she’d be perfect for legal TV–led to Anahita’s first on-air appearance, she’s been a regular on the TV circuit. Notable appearances on numerous television programs include: FOX News’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” “Studio B With Shepard Smith,” “Your World With Neil Cavuto, and “America’s Newsroom,” ABC’s “20/20” and “Good Morning America,” CNN/HLN’s “Nancy Grace,” “Dr. Drew On Call,” “Jane Velez-Mitchell Show” and Showbiz Tonight,” “In Session” and “CBS News,” among others. Anahita is becoming the legal commentator to watch. Fearless when it comes to stating her opinion—a trait which is attracting a very dedicated fan-base—Anahita continues make the rounds as a network and cable legal analyst both in Los Angeles locally and at the national level. Anahita has been highly sought after for the strength with which she voices her opinions on major court cases. She has been the go-to attorney for expert legal analysis for high profile cases, and has been quoted in a multitude of publications such as Foxnews.com, E!News.com, Yahoo.com, and The Huffington Post–just to name a few.  When a noteworthy case is in the news, the major news outlets regularly turn to Anahita for her expert legal analysis.

Speaking Engagements

In addition to her many TV appearances, Anahita can regularly be heard as a guest speaker at renowned conferences, charity and corporate events across the United States. Most recently, Anahita was a featured speaker at several Southern California Mini-Mega Conference events alongside other prominent speakers including mega mogul Stedman Graham, former vice presidential candidate Wayne Allen Root, and the world’s top business coach and serial entrepreneur JT Foxx. Anahita will be speaking at the Mega Partnering VI event in November alongside Kathy Ireland, Michael Eisner, and Eric Trump.

Anahita’s Law Practice

Throughout her career, Anahita has established herself as the go-to attorney for the entertainment industry. She represents a wide range of clients from NBA and NFL athletes, to well-known actors, to prominent record labels and film companies. Anahita continues to bolster a stellar track record of successful litigation, with win after win in the courtroom. She has successfully represented both employers and employees in cases involving the Fair Employment and Housing Act and wage and hour laws. Anahita has also performed various pro bono services for indigent clients and for members of the California Lawyers for the Arts.

Prior to establishing the Law Offices of Anahita Sedaghatfar, Anahita formed a law partnership with Christopher Darden, famed O.J. Simpson prosecutor. Anahita and Mr. Darden favorably litigated multiple sexual harassment, race, religion and age discrimination cases. In addition to currently maintaining her own law practice, Anahita is also an adjunct professor at Southwestern University School of Law, and a volunteer for Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles.

Anahita received a B.A. from the University of California Davis, with highest honors and her J.D., Magna Cum Laude (top 5% of her graduating class), from Southwestern University School of Law. At Southwestern, Anahita served as a member of the prestigious Southwestern Law Review and was appointed to the Law Review’s Executive Board as a Note and Comment Editor. She received several American Jurisprudence Awards for Academic Excellence, including awards for Professional Responsibility/Legal Ethics and Sports Law.

She also served as a judicial extern for the Honorable Audrey B. Collins, United States District Court for the Central District of California.

Anahita Sedaghatfar is highly sought after for her accomplished track record and experience, her quick wit and strong opinions as a legal analyst on the news and national talk show circuit, and for her true grit and formidability both in and out of the courtroom.

Anahita Sedaghatfar is a Los Angeles-based attorney, practicing general civil litigation in both state and federal courts. Her principal areas of practice include employment discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, entertainment law, and litigation of business disputes.

13 comments on “About Anahita

  1. Saw you on Fox News and was very impressed on how you interacted with Bill. Very charming, professional and confident.

  2. Anahita, I am a civil litigator in Tennessee and I am very impressed with your no-nonsense approach to reporting on important legal issues. I love how you stand toe-to-toe with some of the most aggressive pundits on television and reveal the fallacy in their positions. All too often people discount our profession and the way we analyze a position, but you are doing a wonderful job being an ambassador for legal analysis and plain ole’ fashioned common sense. Keep up the good work.
    Ben Mullins
    Knoxville, Tennessee.

  3. Hello Anahita, Do you feel you may have an unfair advantage over other female Attorneys climbing life ladder of success in and out of the courtroom, because of how beautiful and attractive you are?

    • Hi Coyle! Thanks for such an awesome compliment!! I wouldn’t say I’ve had an “unfair advantage” because of how I look 🙂 I’ve worked very, very hard to build my career, never let any obstacles stand in my way and the hard work paid off. That’s the key to success in my opinion. Do you feel women that look a certain way do have some advantage in life and career?

  4. Anahita,
    You rock! Great appearance on O’Reilly tonight. You looked great.

  5. Beautiful!

  6. Hey Anahita I like how you handle Bill’o the clown. The analysis that you bring is what everyone needs to hear and that is not often so keep up the good work and always remember that democracy begins with people like you.

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