Behind the Scenes

Anahita Behind The Scenes On FOX News’ “Cavuto” Show

Me on FOX News’s “Cavuto” debating legality of an airline charging passengers based on their weight. The more you weigh the, the more you pay! I say it’s legal and fair.

Screen Shot of Anahita on CNN/HLN’s “Jane Velez-Mitchell Show”

Me on CNN/HLN debating the Jodi Arias trial. Based on the look on the faces of the other guests, I must’ve stirred the pot, as usual! Remember though, defense does not equal support.

Anahita One-On-One interview with Shepard Smith on FOX News!

Anahita on the set at FOX News. Smiling after winning yet another debate!

Anahita Sedaghatfar Behind The Scenes on FOX News Ready For Another Debate!

Anahita Sedaghatfar on FOX NEWS’s O’Reilly Factor

Pic of me behind the scenes at FOX News’s O’Reilly Factor…bet you couldn’t tell I was wearing UGG boots! As always, a great debate with Bill!

Anahita EARLY In The Morning Heading to FOX News to appear on America’s Newsroom

With my two best friends: iced soy latte and steel cut oatmeal! Happy Friday 🙂

Anahita Sedaghatfar Behind The Scenes At FOX Business Channel’s Cavuto Show

Anahita Getting “Glammed Up” Before Her Television Appearance on HLN

Thank goodness for the makeup girl, getting me ready for TV!

Anahita Behind the Scenes on FOX News

Here’s a photo from behind the scenes on FOX News’ Cavuto show 🙂