Behind the Scenes

Anahita on the Jane Velez Mitchell Show on CNN/HLN

I just finished doing the Jane Velez Mitchell Show on CNN/HLN, debating the Jodi Arias murder trial. I don’t envy the defense team on this case!  

Behind the Scenes: Publicity Shots

I love days when I don’t have to be a lawyer 🙂 I got to do publicity shots today!  

Diva Plates on the Car Taking Me to The O’Reilly Factor!

This car came to pick me up for my appearance today on the O’Reilly Factor. Diva plates again! Are they trying to send me a hint?! So does FOX News consider me Diva number 65? Thought I was number one! Lol!!

Anahita Getting Ready for the O’Reilly Factor

Here’s a behind the scenes picture of me getting my hair done before I head to Bill O’Reilly 🙂 Guys have it easy…

Behind the Scenes for An Appearance on FOX Business

I got to appear on FOX Business today with Neil Cavito in NYC! Love this town! Check out the behind these behind the scenes pictures!

Behind the Scenes at the O’Reilly Factor 12-7-12

Me about to go on the O’Reilly show! Discussed SCOTUS decision to take up gay marriage and Washington’s law legalizing pot. Laura Ingraham hosted! Love her!

Behind the Scenes at America’s Newsroom on FOX News

Behind the scenes today on America’s Newsroom on FOX News! Great debate about the Price is Right pregnancy discrimination case!