Welcome to My Official Blog

Hello everyone!

I am Anahita Sedaghatfar, a Los Angeles-based attorney, Fox News Commentator, Adjunct Law Professor and Future Supreme Court Justice.  My principle areas of practice include employment discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, entertainment law, and litigation of business disputes.

Welcome to my new and official blog!  I’ve created this space to discuss my opinion on different topics, including high-profile cases, celebrity cases, and specific cases of mine that prove interesting.  As news unfolds, you can definitely expect an opinion from me.  I hope you enjoy everything my blog offers and don’t hesitate to comment!

– Anahita

14 comments on “Welcome to My Official Blog

  1. ur 1 of the most beautiful attornies ive ever seen. Just a compliment to utter beauty.

  2. Is it difficult to go on TV and take the defense side of really awful people like Jodi Arias? Don’t you get a lot of grief for it?

    • Hi Robert! Great question, I get asked this a lot. Yes, it is difficult! But the essence of debate is the presentation of BOTH sides. I am only the messenger, presenting to the viewers the defense perspective. We can’t have all the pundits repeating the prosecution side over and over. Viewers need to see all sides. We have an adversarial system and even unpopular defendants have constitutional rights to a defense! I am not defending or supporting these defendants…only showing the defense side.

  3. Hi Anahita, just saw you tonight on the O’Reilly show with Laura Ingraham. This is the first Ive heard or seen of you, but my goodness… you are stunning! Brains and beauty, the perfect combo!

  4. Are you going to be on HLN for the Zimmerman case? Haven’t seen you yet.

  5. I think you are the only reason that I could leave Texas and move to California.
    “- But are you going to live in the place with a bunch of liberals, democrats, high taxes, bureaucracy, high risk of earthquakes, wild fires and worst of all, you can see Nancy Pelosi!
    – This is why Anahita lives there. It is the perfect environment for a Lotus Flower…”
    Believe me Anahita, you are going to be a star. Keep moving and your integrity. God bless and protect you. Your parents should be proud of you.

  6. When you become a Supreme Court Justice, what will your judicial philosophy be?

  7. Nice job on HLN today. I like the way you shake your head “no” with a smile as the other guess talk. I agree with your comments and not just because you are so cute. I could not help thinking that your parents must be very proud of you.

  8. Hey Anahita. You were great last night with Kimberly Guilfoyle on the Factor. She may be maxxing out on Fox and in need of a new challenge. Why not propose to her that the two of you open a new firm that focuses exclusively on celebrity representation and entertainment law. You have LA covered and she can open an office in MidTown Manhattan. You can call it Stiletto Law, LLC

  9. Anahita, heard you on fox about college football players not getting paid, OOPS, but they are. It is called free marketing of their talents so professional teams can observe them. Without college playing, professional teams would not be able to observe them. So, how about universities collecting half of a players salary if they were drafted to a professional team while playing at their university. Bruce

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